Time for another Kenny Morse film reviews: STAR WARS (2019).

On May 25, 1977, I stood in line at The Astor Plaza Theater in Times Square to see what was purported to be a film that would revolutionize film making, and perhaps how we saw the world. This young film maker out of USC, George Lucas has an idea that there was a metaphysical thing called "The Force" that surrounds ever parsec of the universe, travels thru every living being, and binds us together as the GOOD that can conquer the ever present evil that resides in people of ill will, self interest and greed/lust for power to control others.....basically the story of humanity on Earth's struggle since a bi-ped stood upright and started to make tools to survive.

Having seen 2001 in 1968, Kubrick had already shown that a Science Fiction film could suspend your disbelief and to paraphrase 1978's original "Superman" film advertising....."You WILL believe a man can fly!"

And so young director J.J. Barry, the successor to Kubrick, Speilberg and Lucas has taken on the daunting job of finishing tying up the 9 episode saga of an evil emperor who only seeks power for himself and his powerful friends, and to crush the little species that get in the way.....you know...the ones from the "Shithole" galaxies.

This is a film of HOPE and, a film of destinies fulfilled, characters we have come to love, lost, and new ones we have come to love resist and thrive.

Some will hate it....I assure you. Some will LOVE it, I assure you.

The John Williams Score is GLORIOUS in every moment of every frame of film.

If you are not aware of Star Wars "Canon"...will you "get it?" Um...not so much.

But there are enough of us who have allowed The Force to flow thru us for 46 years of our lives that we can now look towards the uncertain future that faces us ALL in this OUR galaxy/world, with a renewed sense of Hope and optimism that the diversity that inhabits THAT galaxy and works so seemingly well, will push us towards each other in a way that demands that we resist division and hated, and demand that we are entitled to peace and equality.....and reject ANY, and I mean ANY one who would have us do otherwise. There are no WHITE PEOPLE, there are no BLACK PEOPLE, there are no LATINO or Muslim, Jewish or Christian people. There are only people who identify as such who want their children to have more than they had, to have a better life than they had.

This film promotes that. And even if you turn out to be one of "Those people" who disdain the devices used to tie up this story, walk in to the theater with THIS intention, and as you put on the SC glasses to make it seem all the more real, YOU. YOU might just come away with a renewed sense of hope that we can make what is wrong in THIS galaxy, better for everyone, because YOU...YOU are what makes the difference, not technology, but humans of good will who share the goal of a better life for others, not just yourself.