And...time for another 2019 end of the year film review:


Let me start by saying that I knew this story already from the fact that I am (trumpets blare) MR. TRAFFIC......and was looking forward to seeing two master actors portray two automotive legends. And I was NOT disappointed.

The fact that the film makers manage to make TOTALLY relevant that our lives have been TOTALLY hijacked by corporations and if ANYONE is actually STUPID enough to believe that they will EVER do what is in the interest of their workers before their shareholders or partners.....then life has been unkind to you mentally....or you have allowed yourself to believe in fairytales. Henry Ford II walked in his giant fathers shadow for years, and the worst thing you could remind him of, is that he was NO Henry Ford. The fact that Enzo Ferrari basically spit in his face when he tried to buy the company, was something he and his family NEVER got over, and to this very year, they are producing a FORD GT for more money than you or I could POSSIBLY muster in 2 lifetimes (Most of us) cars for millionaires and billionaires is JUST what this country needs!!!!>>>>>>NOT.

Matt Damon always manages to bring his rich humanity to any and every role he inhabits and although we have seen Christian Bale run the character gamut from Batman to fatman.....(while videos persist on YouTube of him being an asshole on set).....there is no denying this monumental actor who makes you believe that a man can film.....that a man can drive a racecar....which I assure you ...not ANY man can, manages to transport your suspension of disbelief. Great job....great film.....great moral lesson to remember....FORD Motor Company is STILL a corporate piece of shit (and I have owned two....the last one my Explorer was actually a FANTASTIC vehicle). Let us all remember now....there was a real Edsel Ford, and he was a metaphor for everything that is wrong in the world. ENJOY this film. Not to bring politics into this.....but we currently live in the EDSEL of presidents time of our life.....where everything he touches turns to good reminder, that we need to get back to whatever "normal" was so we can THEN POSSIBLY get back to what was derided as that "hopey changy" place in our lives.

P.S. I actually met Carroll Shelby years ago.....and what a gentleman he was......larger than life me....wonderful.